Just recently, Giulia Ballarè stopped by the showroom to leave with us a few performances, very dynamic and energetic no less, for your enjoyment on two fantastic guitars. First, you’ll hear her play Leo Brouwer’s ‘La Gran Sarabanda’ – very much in the style of a Bach Sarabande yet all Brouwer’s own of course – on a warm 2019 Yulong Guo “Philharmonic” guitar with a cedar top. Then, Giulia presents another rarely-heard piece, this one by Maurice Ohana titled ‘Tiento’ on a 2001 Dominique Field classical in spruce and CSAR, which we believe to be highly collectible instruments by one of the best makers today.

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11 Responses to “Giulia Ballarè Performs on Guitars by Yulong Guo & Dominique Field”

  1. Echi says:

    The Field is awesome and the player is actually very talented. Congrats.

  2. Max Planque says:

    Really excellent playing. The Brouwer however, rather than bearing a resemblance to a Bach sarabande as stated in the introduction, is made up of variations on La Folia de España.

  3. James says:

    Wow, she is great! And her facial expressions prove that she is absolutely out of her mind. Love it!

  4. Luis Garzon says:

    Yes what James said. She is a ferocious and passionate musician. Love her performance!!!!

  5. Hart says:

    Great song selection. Playing that is clear and felt. Thank you..

  6. Love it. Yes, she’s a ferocious and passionate, virtuoso artist. Bravo!!!

  7. Richard Lessac says:

    Y do players of these I presume fine instruments, spoil their performances by allowing the strings to buzz killing the resonance. If the music calls for a buzz OK,
    Passion should not kill resonance unless written into music.

  8. Jesse Vernier says:

    Truly an exciting performance….. and most importantly, some real “Lang Lang quality risk taking”……… new piece to me…… Bach and very much Rodrigo made appearances. Giulia, this is a turbulent creation. When you find the pieces that come before and after that “event”…..which lead the pilgrims to see divinity within their own lives…….you will join the greats. Do not neglect your chamber music opportunities…….those great traditions will take you before audiences the solo guitar rarely grants…..you don’t need luck….you need spiritual guidance…. we all must except this truth, if we are to become guides ourselves…J

  9. Marius Pessah says:

    Giulia’s playing is technically astounding and her dynamics are
    emotive . She is already an accomplished player . I not sure
    that either guitar is an improvement over the other which I think
    had to do with her playing . I have seen her other videos on
    YouTube and I’m saddened to say that her facial tics are not
    only emotive but I’m sure she has some neurological disorder .
    I hope I’m wrong . Segovia didn’t admire Breams playing because
    of his facial grimaces . I found them distracting .
    Dr . M . Pessah

  10. Marius Pessah says:

    I retract my my “I’m sure she has a neurological disorder “ as one can
    cannot be sure without an examination . The main issue is that she is a technically superb and moving performer
    Wishing her the best of luck .
    Marius Pessah

  11. John Sebold says:

    A compelling and evocative performance. I think you should ignore the “maestro” and diagnostic commentary that seems to be common on this site and keep driving down the path you find most compelling. In my opinion your body and mind are in synch with the music you perform and this makes for a wonderful and extraordinary listening experience.


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