Maciej has stopped by the showroom before, and this time, he decided to record two original compositions – “LAX” (he also has a version with violin) and “On the Trail” – both which you can watch below. He was drawn particularly to the robust, assertive sound, the stunning looks and the easy playability of the 2019 Wolfgang Jellinghaus “Signature” in spruce and Indian rosewood, so he chose to perform solely on that guitar.

It’s fun and a bit odd to see a guitar “flipped” on our screens since Maciej is a left-handed player, but of course we’re lefty-inclusive and we always welcome great music! For this shoot, we simply restrung the guitar to accommodate him, and we can restring it back for a right-handed player. Now, see why Maciej devoted his showroom time to just this Jellinghaus!

For a full list of his work and compositions, visit http://www.maciejstaszewski.com/english/compositions.

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