Our next guitar by Sebastian Stenzel is absolutely breathtaking from the recent photos he just sent us. It has a dark, earthy look with creamy almost “coffee-color” tones. Made with cedar for the top and “curly” walnut for the back and and sides which has a wavy, 3D texture to it. The headstock veneer is made with the same material walnut as well.

About the back and sides, Sebastian believes that walnut is much underrated and “should receive its due recognition as one of the most suitable woods for classical guitar back and sides.” Back in 1996, Sebastian built his examination guitar for his Master of Crafts exam with walnut back and sides, and so it’s a material he’s happy to revisit. Even though the sides of this guitar are more than 3 mm thick, it remains extremely lightweight. Sebastian’s main focus is to achieve a maximum of musical expression with a minimal effort from the player. We’re excited to see this guitar very soon – it’s due to arrive sometime in early May.

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