Guitarist Tomasz Fechner and flutist Deanna Pyeon recently stopped by the showroom to treat us to an incredible performance of one of Ástor Piazzolla’s great masterpieces – the ‘Histoire du Tango’ (his only work for flute and guitar) which in four movements traces the historical development of the tango from its late ninenteenth-century origins in the bordellos of Argentina to its modern-day incarnation as a viable and fully accepted genre on the international concert scene.

For each movement, Tomasz plays a different guitar – for “Bordello 1900” he plays a 2016 Gioachino Giussani, for “Cafe 1930”, a 2018 Michael Cadiz, for “Nightclub 1960”, a 2003 Stefano Moccetti and concludes the histoire with the “Concert d’Aujourd’hui” on a 2011 Oscar Trezzini. Great piece, great guitars and a great performance from these two. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Piazzolla’s ‘Histoire du Tango’ played on 4 guitars”

  1. Tim Patchin says:


  2. What a treat, just beautiful.

  3. RON SHALITA says:

    That was just fabulous thank you!

  4. Rob Charlton says:

    Fabulous playing..interesting beautiful music
    Thank you both

  5. This is wonderful. These two sound great together. Piazzolla would be so proud. Both are top notch musicians.

  6. Martin Silvey says:

    Most impressive on the flute. Captivating and beautiful! Thank you.


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