Our friends from bring to you this performance and tutorial of Sergio Assad’s “Farewell”. The piece, played and taught here by Tavi Jinariu, is a deeply emotional one. Structured around repeating chord progressions and recurring motifs, “Farewell” provides ample opportunities for tonal and phrase explorations. Go to the next level in your musical interpretation as Tavi Jinariu explains his tonal, phrasing and fingering choices in this Elite Guitarist tutorial.

For the performance video, you can hear and watch Tavi play on our 2015 Federico Sheppard “Camino Dos Bocas” guitar.

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5 Responses to “New EliteGuitarist Tutorial of “Farewell” by Sergio Assad”

  1. James says:

    Beautiful playing as always from Tavi Jinariu. An opportunity learn from a great player.

  2. Beautiful playing – intelligent & emotionally, but quietly, intense. Vibrant sound of the guitar, as well. Does true justice to Assad’s composition here. Bravo, Tavi Jinariu; thanks to GSI, as well.

  3. Barry E. Fry says:

    Any guitar player from any genre can appreciate the emotional and artistry. Played perfectly!

  4. Kohlman says:

    Is good but Sergio is spelt Segio. Very unrespectful.


    • Gonzalo says:

      No it isn’t. It’s spelled correctly.
      Beautiful playing of a hauntingly beautiful piece.

      Thank you for sharing this.




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