You can now watch the complete performance of Manuel de Falla’s ‘Suite Populaire Espagnole’ by Taso Comanescu and cellist Yoshika Masuda on our YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE)! This arrangement of the composition is based on Maurice Maréchal’s arrangement for cello and piano – which is itself modeled on Paul Kochanski and Falla’s arrangement for piano and violin. Originally named ‘Siete canciones populares españolas’ (“Seven Spanish Folksongs”) for voice and piano, it was later retitled ‘Suite Populaire Espagnole’, which is what we’ll call it, in its instrumental form (perhaps fancier in French). You may be wondering why there are only 6 videos and 6 guitars in them rather than “siete” (7); that’s because the instrumental arrangement omits song two and reorders them as follows: “El Paño Moruno”, “Nana”, “Canción”, “Polo”, “Asturiana” and “Jota”. Yoshika sounds amazing with such a nice cello, and we think Taso chose great guitars to compliment it; first up is a 2005 Fritz Ober, then a 2016 François Leonard, a historic 1912 Enrique Garcia, a 1971 Manuel de la Chica, a 2009 Tobias Berg and last but not least a 2017 Paolo Coriani.

Make sure to watch this incredible performance when you have time to savor it completely. A real treat from this duo!

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7 Responses to “WATCH Falla’s ‘Suite Populaire Espagnole’ played by Taso Comanescu on 6 guitars & Yoshika Masuda on cello”

  1. Tom says:

    Very nice performances, most enjoyable – congratulations to both players. Counter-intuitive to choose some (not all) rather light-sounding guitars to play against the weighty tone of the ‘cello but in the event they had the advantage of cutting through very well.

  2. Harvey Freed says:

    These guys are great. When does the CD come out?

  3. Jesse Vernier says:

    Absolutely beautiful emotional playing………..exquisite ensemble…….very clever arranging …………. Bravo to both of you…….

    And since both of you are fine artists …….. I’ll give you this gift …… If mister Masuda were a singer … he would be absolutely torched for his recognition of song settings…….

    Really superior guitar work here …….please consider that the Bell motif in Nana is about something…. the dissonance and separation between straight tone and harmonic was created for a reason…….. she is well beyond the city walls…because of her pregnancy and birthing out of wedlock….the very distance is measured by the overlapping bells pealing from different cathedrals…..some more distant than others… straight time would be an impossibility ……. thus the vocalization becomes even more maudlin than a mother could feel for her child who I’m sure she wishes would stay sleeping…………

    The cello needs no time to breath ……… it is super human…. the temptation is to elongate unto ruin…….. you are both incredible players……. sober up…. J

  4. Roberto Rios says:

    Goosebumps! What a beautiful series of performances. Flawless!

  5. Tim says:

    Well, how amazing was this!? Amazing display of timing. My favorite, was Falla’s Asturiana. Yoshika enters as if a fog lifts, soft and deft. The way the base note occasionally tolls, then Taso pauses and perfectly re-enters with beautiful chords that pulls it all together again. I just loved it.
    You are a dynamic duo. I can’t wait to hear more.

  6. Peter Carlozzi says:

    Easily stands with the best of the GSI video performances.

  7. Wonderful! A duo with a cello is always a great challenge for a guitarist, because the guitar can be easily masked by the cello. This is a great example of how this difficulty can be overcome by a good arrangement and – more important – by great musicality of both players. As a guitar maker, I would like to throw in that you shouldn’t mistake these lovely recordings for an instrument competition, not even a comparison: the demands on the guitar are just too different from one movement to the other!


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