Our next guitar built by master luthier Jochen Röthel is nearly done and should be here soon! This is our first from him with this rarely-seen wood combination – cedar top and cypress back and sides. Although over the years we’ve had cedar/cypress guitars from a variety of luthiers (starting with 60’s José Ramírez guitars, Miguel Rodriguez and even Ignacio Fleta), we currently don’t have a single guitar in the showroom constructed in this combination, SO we’re very excited to see it soon. Jochen thinks this combo makes for a monster guitar with a very lightweight build, massive volume and power with a lyrical, beautiful and ultra-responsive tone.

Jochen also let us know the body resonance on his new guitar is near Eb, for those interested in some of the science. It’s very resonant with fast and direct sound output, which we know should be true as his previous instruments have similar qualities. Now, you can’t hear the quality of sound in the pictures below, but go ahead and keep those qualities in mind as you browse through the images.

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