Here’s a cool guitar – apparently the story is that Robert Ruck owned a Marcelo Barbero that for some reason he had to sell, so he decided to make himself a copy, and this is that guitar. I had never played a Ruck, so I didn’t have any expectations one way or the other, but I kind of love this guitar. It’s got a lot of that old world charm, but it’s deep and punchy and it records like a dream. Here’s me noodling in the Rondeña tuning (D A E F# B E).

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8 Responses to “Robert Ruck Flamenco”

  1. Mark says:

    Kai, I’m sure you have played the real 1950 M. Barbero, and it appears that Ruck got this right… Can you compare this 16 year-old guitar with your (GSI) 1950, in tone, projection, and action? Thanks, mb

  2. JAMIE says:

    deep and very well balanced sound

  3. george says:

    is this guitar for sale? if yes how much does it cost? thanks, g

  4. Manny says:

    Beautiful playing.

  5. khalid says:

    what is the cost of this guitar ?

  6. Beautiful playing, Kai! Nice guitar, too.

  7. Aaron Green says:

    I am pretty sure I played this guitar in 1995 at the GAL convention. Robert had a few blancas with him and this was my favorite. Its been a while but I remember it well.

  8. Jerry says:

    That’s really nice sounding – as always, great playing Kai!!


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