Have you ever wished you could come into the Salon but don’t live in L.A. or can’t come in? We’re bringing back our “First Look” video series so you can get the experience of trying out a guitar in the Salon wherever you are! Join Jaxon, Andy and JohnPaul as they discuss and perform on our top-notch collection of guitars. New videos every week!

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2 Responses to “First Look Series is BACK on YouTube”

  1. Reiner Huppert says:

    Good idea! Videos where I could hear the sound are why I bought several guitars from you. No matter how famous the maker or how beautiful or ornate the guitar is, the sound is the most important for me.

  2. John E Fischer says:

    I have bought many instruments on line. Some were expensive, beaten with terrible tone. Others were cheap, in great condition and great tone. It is always craps shoot. I wish all merchants had this feature. I probably wouldn’t have bought half of them and would have bought many I did not. Great idea. Innovative. You are to be commended.


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