My first lesson on the ‘On The Music Path’ iPad app just went up today, and it’s an incredibly cool app for learning the guitar. I’m kind of honored to be one the teachers on the app, since the classical teacher is Scott Tennant, the songwriting guy is Jackson Browne, the sitar guy is Ravi Shankar, Eric Johnson is one of the blues guys, etc… (click here for a full list of teachers and lessons).

You can only buy the lessons for the iPad as of right now, but if you have one it’s a really powerful app that lets you loop sections, slow stuff down, skip around, etc… and all of the lessons break stuff down for you and then have play along sections at various speeds. It’s beautifully shot and most of the instructional stuff is split screen so you can see the left and right hands simultaneously.

My first lesson is on Tangos and covers a ton of rasgueados as well as some cool material for Tangos with picado, arpeggio and alzapua. We’ve also shot a lesson on SoleĆ” that should be up in the not too distant future and we’ll be doing more, including Alegrias and Bulerias. You can check it all out here.

You can also go straight to Scott Tennant’s lessons by clicking here.

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3 Responses to “Learn Guitar on Your iPad (from me, Scott Tennant, and More)”

  1. eurotv1 says:

    great kai but how about android?
    it’s outselling apple and we’d be interested when the app goes to our system:)

  2. Jerry says:

    heck, even an app for the iphone would be great. Regardless, this is an excellent way to learn flamenco. Great job Kai as always!!

  3. Kai says:

    Hey guys – I’m flattered that you think I know enough to have anything to do with making this available on one platform or another, but I just taught the lesson – I didn’t make the app or anything. It’s a great app and I would love for it to be available on more platforms, and I certainly hope it will be in the future.


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