Zoran Kuvac sends greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina along with pictures of his latest guitar for GSI. He is currently refining and assembling this new instrument, which should arrive to the showroom late this year. It’s turning out to be beautiful and elegant with a spruce top and CSA rosewood back and sides – the spruce equivalent of Zoran’s previous cedar top guitar he made for us last year.

As long as we’ve known Zoran, we’ve been regularly reminded just how drawn he has been to the contemporary French school (particularly to the work of Dominique Field and Daniel Friederich). Although the aesthetic touches are his own, he borrows and adapts many of the internal structural ideas from his French influences and incorporates them into the bracing not only of the soundboard, but also of the back and sides. Without giving too many secrets away, he’s been generous enough to send some photos to give us some hints of what he’s up to. Stay tuned for more pictures from Zoran in which he’ll show us the finished, assembled guitar, polished up from head to foot before it ships to us.

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