With so many major artists coming in and out of the showroom on a regular basis, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to start a new series where we get to know a different side of the artist than usual.

GSI’s “Story Time” is a new video series, released on our YouTube channel, in which we interview prominent guitarists to find out their most charming, curious and interesting stories – the details that are not typically part of the traditional interviews they’ve done over and over again throughout the course of their careers. Our goal is to get them “off script” and to tell of the more candid moments in their momentous lives.

Who better than Pepe and Angel Romero to kick off the series with a variety of crazy stories? From a fistfight at the Ed Sullivan Show, to being stranded in New York in the winter, to Rodrigo trying to make Angel Romero vomit, these short videos will have you smiling all the way through! With “Story Time” at GSI, we hope to keep you connected to these artists and bring the classical guitar community closer together, as if you’re hanging out with the big names too!

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  1. Gary J Dalton says:

    Thanks Jaxon. Good work!

    That family holds a unique and pivotal position of influence in music history!


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