Virtuoso classical and flamenco guitarist Adam del Monte stopped by the showroom this week. He’s had a busy year with a new flamenco CD called ‘Asi Lo Siento Yo’, his online guitar classes (you can check them out here) and a new flamenco concerto that he will be premiering here in Santa Monica on January 15th. Adam was kind enough to record a bunch of lessons for us, as well as some guitar demos and an interview about what he’s been up to and more. We got so much material, in fact, that it’s going to take some time to get all the videos up and I’m going to be posting them over the next few weeks.

For starters, here’s Adam on the finer points of tremolo. We did two videos: one focusing on the classical tremolo and another on the flamenco termolo. In both videos Adam is playing a 2006 Conde Hermanos ‘Esteso’ model. Check back to see Adam’s lessons on arpeggio and scales, as well as some great performances and the interview.

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15 Responses to “Adam Del Monte at GSI – Tremolo Lessons”

  1. Jerry says:

    Ah, my flamenco teacher!! Great to see Adam on here as well, he’s really an excellent instructor ~ check his lessons out at!! Got a chance to meet him when he came to do a show in Chicago, IL this past fall, and it was amazing.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    THE MAN FROM DEL MONTE SAYS YES .Seriously now folks ,the best way to practise the classical three finger tremolo is to plant the ‘a ‘ finger ( the right hand ring or anular finger ) on the string then play pami .This is especially useful on the inner strings and it helps to practise slowly and to aim for an even rhythm and only then to gradually increase the speed / tempo . So plant that ring finger and practise playing from the string. Another useful tip is to play pami pami on the 3rd string .One can play this on an open string or as a chromatic scale ascending all the way up to the 12 th fret ( with fourth left hand finger on fret 12 ) and descending back down again. In other words ,the thumb and fingers playing tremolo on the same string. Another tip is to reverse the pattern playing : pami pima pami pima etc.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Adam Del Monter is a lovely player .The Esteso is a beautiful guitar ,so sweet and clear and very spanish sounding. A gorgeous guitar.

  4. LAWRENCE says:

    A tremolo ( classical tremolo ) is nothing more than a descending arpeggio on one string .Keep It Simple .

    • Almino says:

      It moves like a descending arpeggio and I agree with that but playing it in one string has a different feel to it… and that is why it requires a lot of practice… keep it simple but not simpler…

  5. LAWRENCE says:

    I was thinking of how there are so few tremolo pieces for guitar .There is of course Recuerdos and some cheesy Barrios and a piece by moreno-torroba ,melodia if memory serves me correct and another second rate piece by Sainz de la maza .camapanas de alba .

    • Almino says:

      Look at the Farruca by Paco Peña or Sabicas… lots of tremolo

    • Steven Ulliman says:

      I was thinking how guitarist play so few of the hundreds of tremolo pieces (thousands if you count pieces with large tremolo sections) written for the classical guitar. Some written close to one hundred years before Recuerdos.

  6. Manny says:

    Great teacher.

  7. Garrett says:

    Sueno by Tarrega is another tremolo piece that few people play. When done well, it’s pretty nice.

  8. Tim Miklaucic says:

    Great overview. And, thanks to Adam for coming in!

  9. Tuan says:

    Lawrence, the title is not “camapanas de alba”, but correctly “Campanas del Alba” by Eduardo Sainz de la Maza.

    And I wonder why you could say that it is a “second rate piece”. Would you give some explanations? “Second rate” on what aspects?

  10. LAWRENCE says:

    Tuan ,a spelling mistake on my part ,sorry .I do know the correct title. I consider Recuerdos to be a classic ,a lovely melody which is timeless and haunting and is very well written…not too long and not too short in duration .Tarrega crafted it beautifully.Campanas De Alba is full of cheesy harmony and it just does not work ,like I said a second rate piece of rubbish like so much guitar music ,unfortunately. To my ears at least ,it sounds like a poor mans’ recuerdos . I used to play it but frankly ,felt it was not worth the effort. A nothing piece.Recuerdos however ,although over-played ,is instantly memorable .

  11. LAWRENCE says:

    One of the peculiar aspects of Tremolo is that some guitarists naturally have very good tremolo even with little effort or practise,while others do not.

  12. Robert says:

    Lawrence, sadly I’m in the “others” category. But this small lesson has helped, a lot. What I like about Adam’s teaching style (I have bought several of his packages on is that he makes no bones about the effort required to get somewhere. Training the muscles takes time.


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