GSI’s “Story Time” is one of our newer video series released on our YouTube channel in which we interview prominent guitarists to find out their most charming, curious and interesting stories – the details that are not typically part of the traditional interviews they’ve done over and over again throughout the course of their careers. Our goal is to get them “off script” and to tell of the more candid moments in their momentous lives.

A few months ago, international concert artist and superstar Xuefei Yang stopped by the showroom to record some videos and promote her concert in LA. We were able to convince her to stick around and share some stories with us, as well as share some rare tips and tricks she’s accumulated from a storied international performance career.

In these videos, Xuefei shares two of her weirdest concert moments, advice for arranging for guitar, what it’s like playing for over 100k people under the Eiffel Tower in stuffy weather, and more!

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