If you like traditionally-built guitars with modern sound qualities, you’ll want to know more about Dietmar Heubner and the guitars he builds. We’re about to find out very soon, as he is putting the finishing touches on our very first guitar. Although we’ve known Dietmar for many years, it was only last year at a festival in Zagreb, Croatia where we finally had the chance to see, inspect and play one of his instruments. And it took a matter of minutes (or possibly seconds!) to confirm an order, which we’re happy to announce is nearing completion.

Heubner is a German luthier from Berlin with nearly 30 years of experience building guitars. He started in the 80’s as a cabinetmaker in Stuttgart, but very soon followed his true passion for making instruments. Initially, he gathered his knowledge and developed construction ideas by building violins. The modern sound of his guitars is characterized by the extraordinary volume and sustain. Currently, Heubner is part of a group of guitar makers called the Berlin Luthiers, a community who mutually inspire each other and share their experiences and insight.

Please check out the “sneak peek” photos Dietmar has sent us of the guitar he’ll be sending to GSI. We expect it to sound as beautiful as it already looks and will be posting news of its arrival soon.

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3 Responses to “Berlin luthier Dietmar Heubner to send his first guitar to GSI!”

  1. Aurélien Colas says:


    This is an excellent information ! Dietmar Heubner is one of the best guitar maker in the world according to me and I am sure he will have a great merited succes at GSI and in the USA. I spoke about him with Tim Miklaucic about 15 years ago and I am very happy Dietmar will join very soon your team of elite guitar makers. His guitars are incredible, they are amazing musical instruments ! Enjoy !! 🙂

    I will you all the best from Normandy, France, and “Vive la musique” !

    Aurélien Colas

  2. Pierre Lauzon says:

    Bonjour Aurélien,

    Je suis toujours à la recherche d’une guitare exceptionnelle. J’apprécierais entendre le son de cette guitare de Dietmar Heubner, en connaître le prix demandé et savoir si des échanges sont possibles.

    Merci à l’avance de ton attention.

    • Andrew Lee says:

      Hello Pierre,

      We expect this guitar to arrive in the coming weeks and will be happy to share more information with you. Feel free to email us directly regarding this guitar at info@guitarsalon.com


      The GSI Staff


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