Here’s another great lesson from Adam del Monte, this time on Arpeggio technique, which he points out is the foundation of all right hand technique for the guitar. Adam’s playing a 1977 Antonio Raya Pardo flamenco. For more lessons from Adam you can check out his website –

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7 Responses to “Adam Del Monte – Arpeggio Lesson”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    Great guitar ,equal to any Reyes ,Gerundino , etc.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    The Raya Pardo and Del Monte really go well together ,so well suited.

  3. LAWRENCE says:

    One of the best looking and sounding flamenco guitars I have encountered ,and I have seen and heard lots.

  4. Marlo Briones says:

    Hi, Adam I really liked your explanation on tones. I will like to know how flamencos guitarist learn to play, by just hearing a song? I have played classical guitar but I would really like to play Rumba flamenca and Bulerias. I will also like to know how flamencos measure music or count time?

  5. Areg says:

    Hi Adam,
    Please write to me the name and manufacturer of the Guitar Support that you use, to put the guitar on your right leg.

  6. Bob Vasquez says:

    Thank you for all the guidance. Also, I really enjoyed listening in at your Master’s Class in San Luis Obispo.

  7. Peter says:

    These mini lessons are really lovely and you explain them well. That’s a feather in your cap because I’ve known many players who are lousy teachers. It’s a real shame though that all these right hand techniques weren’t also shot from a side view as that angle would have given a much needed focus on what you were trying to explain. The explaination, ofcourse, was absolutely essential but the addage, “One picture is worth a thousand words”, would really have applied. Be that as it may, I still enjoyed it. Bravo!


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