Graciliano Perez is a luthier from Cordoba, Spain, whose guitars have been popping up in the hands of more and more great players lately, including Vicente Amigo, who has already bought a couple, including a maple and spruce flamenco. We’re very excited to have two of Graciliano’s guitars arriving sometime in January. I played a couple of Graciliano’s guitars when we met in Spain a few weeks back and I was very impressed.

Graciliano’s guitars are very much in the tradition of Miguel Rodriguez – in fact the two were friends, and Graciliano still uses woods he bought from Rodriguez on some of his guitars. As you’ll see from the photos, Graciliano is wood-obsessed, like all good makers.


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  1. LAWRENCE says:

    Guitar Salon International richly deserve to be congratulated and saluted for bringing this excellent luthier in to the limelight ,he is perhaps under exposed and GSI are giving guitarists the opportunity to get to know makers such as Graciliano Perez ,and many others.No mean feat .

  2. There are so many good guitar makers today that I would be hard pressed to know who is at the top any more 🙂

    But I would guess this particular guitar is not a true flamenco but more of a hybrid built to carry a wider definition of styles rather just just one idiom.

    It’s hard to tell but I hear more bass and less cutting edge to the mid range. Who knows for sure, since this artful trio clouds a clearer sense of the guitar’s voice.

    I guess we will hear the real thing when Kai or Grisha give it a run for the money.

    • Tom says:

      It may not be a hybrid. There are old-style and new-style ‘set-ups’ these days because the playing technique has changed. You may have noticed that many of today’s top players don’t ‘buzz and rattle’ as much as in the past.

  3. I´m very happy to see one of the best guitar makers in Spain in the best guitar store in the world. Congratulations to all¡ These guitars have a great sound and soul ¡

  4. jim galante says:

    I just bought a graciliano Perez from guitar salon .it is not a hybrid but an extreemly gnarly gitano sounding has more cutting edge than any guitar i’ve ever owned,and is definitely flamenco to the core !If i had to compare the sound it is more like a reyes but more biting and really gitano all the way!

  5. “It may not be a hybrid. There are old-style and new-style ‘set-ups’”

    The set up is not the issue here but the top’s design. The design shown above is a classical style Miguel Rodriguez, not a flamenco guitar, and even though it can be tweaked to play flamenco in some form, it is not a flamenco pattern that Rodriguez used, imho.

    And as to the other post that raves about the cutting edge, I think a visual display on video should give us a view of its qualities.

    And no flamenco guitar is like a Manuel Reyes, that I know of.

    Perhaps all guitars sound like guitars but the nuance of a Rodriguez style is not a Reyes anymore than a Reyes is like a Rodriguez.

    So, it’s not about cutting edge but more like nuance and dimensional quality, and how the articulation is crafted to be on one side or the other, with the proper design to aid its playing function.

    An example is the 1995 Manuel Rodriguez flamenco guitar in GSI’s stock, that Grisha demonstrates.

  6. antom says:

    hola las mejores guitarras que jamas escuche de flamenco fueron las rodriguez de Miguel Beneyto, y en cipres con pino abeto o cedro, y el sistema de abanico no era de siete barras, el sonido flamenco lo imprime la mano que toque la guitarra y lo que el artesano haya imprimido en la madera a la hora de construir, es mi humilde opinion.


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