Patricio Crom, Argentinian guitarist and composer, recently visited our showroom to record four videos of his own compositions, including a special piece written for and dedicated to GSI, called “Tango pa el Salon”! Patricio is an expert in Argentinian music – in fact he studied “tango guitar” at the Academia Nacional del Tango with Aníbal Arias. As a performer, Patricio has performed in South America, Europe and Asia. In addition to being a professional musician, Patricio also has some very cool hobbies! He is a puppeteer and a collector of antique guitars from Argentina.

Please check out the videos Patricio recorded with us: “Tango pa el Salon” (written for GSI) on a GV Rubio “Monarca Elite”, “Las Mañanas Mas Lindas” on a 1991 Miguel Rodriguez “Centenario”, “Aníbal en Japón” on a 1925 Domingo Esteso (ex Cleveland collection) and “Tema Corte Con Mi Guitarra” on his own guitar! – 2015 Tomas Fiore.

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