Daniel Rodriguez Velásquez from Colombia has recently visited our showroom for the first time to record some videos. Daniel is not only a classical guitarist, but also a composer. He recorded with us Segovia’s original composition (and his most famous), “Estudio Sin Luz”. To make this recording even more special we asked Daniel to record it on a 1979 Jose Ramirez 1a guitar that was autographed on the soundboard by Segovia himself!

For more information on Ramirez guitars, be sure to read The Ramirez Family: Masters of the Guitar, or for information on the Ramirez family members, from Amalia Ramirez back to Jose I and for some interesting fact-checking on myths and facts about this legendary workshop.

Daniel also surprised us with his “Mulata” written and dedicated for GSI! Daniel recorded this piece on a beautiful 2019 Jake Fuller “Purnell” SP/CH. Listen to “Mulata”performed by Daniel and if you like this composition you can download a FREE PDF here and learn how to play it!

Daniel’s “Mulata” is the first movement of a suite inspired by Cumbia (a type of folkloric dance from Colombia) and the mixture of cultures in Colombia. Daniel considers his process of composing as diverse, with no specific “rule” on how to compose. Even though there are formulas that help with guiding the creation of the work, and organizing ideas, Daniel’s true inspiration is the sound of a guitar. If you decide to learn this piece, you can try to play it with a drum instrument too. Daniel often performs it with his wife and two other friends who play on tambores (a type of Cumbia drum from Africa).

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