There are certain guitars that are just incredibly hard to get. When we talk about the most iconic luthiers, it’s always the case that the supply they can provide is dwarfed by the overwhelming demand for their instruments.

Daniel Friederich is one of those iconic luthiers, despite having retired in 2014, he is arguably the most respected contemporary maker in the world today. This is why it’s such exciting news to announce that Cordoba has added a very authentic Friederich model to their “Luthier Select Series” lineup.

The guitar has just arrived in our store and is available to buy at GSI! We’re all impressed by the quality of the sound and the precision of it’s construction. It has the trademark qualities of sound sought made famous by Friederich – thick basses and velvety, silky trebles. It also has surprising power, allowing players to project the sound in any sized room. The clarity of the voices within chords are exceptionally good both close-up and at distances needed to perform in large concert halls – indeed this guitar can capture any listeners’ attention and draw them to the finest details in any performance.

This guitar has many of the same features found in original Friederich guitars including his seven-fan bracing pattern with delicately hand-carved spruce braces, as well as double sides – mahogany lining on the inside, and Indian rosewood for the exterior. It has a solid top made of Canadian red cedar. The ultra-thin Polyurethane finish protects the delicate instrument without impeding the vibration of the soundboard.

Learn more about this newest “Cordoba Luthier Select Series” model here and check out this great new mini-documentary showing the backstory to the Cordoba “Luthier Select Series” line of guitars.

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One Response to “Introducing the newest model to the Cordoba “Luthier Select Series”: FRIEDERICH!”

  1. Tim Crawford says:

    Very interesting. The luthier master series was being built just down the hill from us ( Santa Barbara) in Oxnard, CA. Kenny Hill was very involved early on with the Master Series. His New World guitars are also built in China, maybe in this same shop. I had one of the 640 models. They are a fairly nice guitar, especially for the money. A real value . So, now Córdoba is following suit and having these made in China. I hope some day I can pick one of these up and play it . In fact, at one time I almost bought one of the Oxnard models. I bet they will be a great success.


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