For the finale of this series of lessons from Adam del Monte, here’s his lesson on playing faster scales. He’s playing a negra by Alejandro, which he chose because it sounds great but also because it was one of the funnest guitars to play scales on in the showroom. For more from Adam on scales and technique generally you can check out his website,

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5 Responses to “Adam Del Monte – Faster Scales”

  1. Rv says:

    The way you explained that the arm should not generate the speed but it is the wrist that will the finger movement is a revelation to me. And i really like that advice. Thanks a lot.

  2. Very clear explanation. I do wish there was a little clarification of the ’emptying out’ idea.
    Very generous teaching…
    Thank you Adam!

  3. Edward Roberts says:

    Adam and GSI, thank you so much for providing this wonderful source of information into the Instrument we all love. Best wishes for the Christmas and New Year.

  4. Peter says:

    Good lesson–very informative. Thanks!

  5. joseph dow says:

    The guitar is amazing. It opens doors to perception.


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