Here’s an update from David Collett on the New maple/spruce Hauser III that will be arriving any day now:

We have a maple and spruce Hermann Hauser III arriving very soon (before the end of the year), and I have some photos of the wood that Hermann and I chose for the guitar. The first pictures are of the raw wood, when selected back in 2008. Then you can see the guitar as I saw it during a visit to Reisbach in January of this year. The final photos were taken recently, upon completion of the guitar, and Hauser kindly forwarded these to us. Of course the criteria in choosing the woods must take into account both sonic properties as well as aesthetics, and Hauser’s wood supply provides ample opportunity for selecting something suitable every time. Interestingly, Hauser dates the label from the moment he starts a guitar, unlike most luthiers who date the guitar upon completion, so this new guitar will have a 2010 label. And the dog with me is Hauser’s dog “Yoshi”. (As always, click on the photos to enlarge them).



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10 Responses to “Coming Soon – Hermann Hauser III Maple”

  1. Beautiful dog , David¡ and great guitar¡

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    Gorgeous dog ,so sweet .The guitar looks lovely ,flamed maple is so attractive and Hauser has so much experience and history with maple ,both flamed and birds eye. I really like the guitar case with its deep blue fabric and quality leather handle .I wish simebody could tell me which guitar case this is please ? once again ,a very attractive looking guitar indeed ,I suspect the guitar has some sort of laquer or nitro-cellulose varnish too which is good for sound and also durable.But if someone can provide details of the guitar case I would be most grateful.

  3. LAWRENCE says:

    The spruce top is amazing ,lots of bearclaw and character .Exquisite woods all round.

  4. LAWRENCE says:

    I really admire the way the Hauser tradition has been handed down over the generations ,no mean feat.

  5. LAWRENCE says:

    Someone will be very lucky to acquire such a prestigious and distinctive guitar as this one ,with such fine pedigree. The list of guitarists who have played Hauser is a special one.

  6. LAWRENCE says:

    The dog is not included in the price of the guitar .

  7. LAWRENCE says:

    The guitar maker is Herman Hauser ,the dog is named Herman Schnauzer. Ha ha ha .

  8. LAWRENCE says:

    Hermann ,not Herman of course.

  9. LAWRENCE says:

    Photos do not really do Birds eye maple justice.When well polished ,as this guitar clearly is ,this wood has a magical 3- D effect .

  10. Joel Henderson says:

    What is the asking price for this beauty?


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