At GSI we value the health and safety of our customers, therefore we’d like to share with you some details about our shipping procedures.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, GSI employees are handling the instruments with rubber gloves as well as wearing protective masks while preparing for shipping and handling. Because we cannot use anti-bacterial sprays on French polish or other finishes any guitars that are being double checked or even restrung before being sent out will sit for a few hours in the case. Recent studies have shown that the amount of virus greatly decreases when left on a surface for longer that 24 hours. With this in mind, we are wiping down the exterior part of the case with Lysol/Clorox wipes on all areas that are being touched (primarily the handles and latches of the case). Our staff members are always the last ones to touch the instrument and the only ones who place the guitar/case in a box with packing materials. We only use professional shipping services (such as UPS) who are prepared and trained to handle packages during this pandemic. We ship internationally as well as domestically, so no matter where you live, we’ll make sure that the guitar you’re interested in will arrive safely at your home.

When we ship guitars to our local customers in the Los Angeles area for testing, the instruments are put into the courier cars by the GSI staff. Customers will be notified when their instruments arrive and will be able to personally pull the guitar out of the trunk so that no one touches the instrument, nor does the customer have to interact with the courier.

Please call or emails us if you have more questions or concerns.

JohnPaul Trotter: (310) 857-1706, johnpaul@guitarsalon.com
Andrew Lee: 
(310) 857-1704, andrew@guitarsalon.com

Do you live in the Greater Los Angeles area? Don’t hesitate to test our guitars at home! Click here to learn more details.

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2 Responses to “Learn about our safety shipping procedures in response to the pandemic.”

  1. Scott Kilpatrick says:

    I am glad to see that GSI is surviving through this situation and am hopeful that you are able to reopen ASAP – I am in process of saving for my dream nylon and will be paying you a visit later this year provided that you are welcoming the public. Hang in there – you guys a one of a kind guitar experience and we cannot afford to lose businesses like GSI. Hopefully I will be talking to you guys soon.

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