Guitarist Scott Morris stopped by the showroom to record some more lessons based on his book ‘Classical Guitar Complete – From basics To Bach’. In this lesson he covers moveable scale patterns, which are extremely useful for learning to navigate the fretboard, improve your sight reading and for improvisation, of course. Below the video you’ll find the scale patterns themselves in notation and TAB. And look out for part 2 of Scott’s book, which should be coming out in early 2012. Scott is playing a Paul Fischer ‘Taut’.


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6 Responses to “Scott Morris – Moveable Scale Patterns”

  1. Zach S. says:

    This is good & I like it a lot, but it would be better with the fingering also.


    • Scott Morris says:

      All of the scales in the book have the left hand fingerings written in. We just didn’t do it for the video supplement since you can get the fingerings from watching my hand. If I get a chance I’ll redo the scale page here with the fingerings to make it more clear. Hope that helps!


  2. John B says:

    Scott is a good teacher! Can’t wait to try the scale position changes. Of course, now I want the book(s)!

  3. Al L. says:

    It’d be even better (and get more sales) if this book was available to be posted out instead of couriered to Canada. A $20 book with $30 shipping just means no sale. Hows about posting it out as other places do?

  4. Gerald Wilson says:

    I agree with Al L., can’t justify $30 for shipping when other online sites post out to Canada for $7.50 or $10 at most.

  5. DonnaZ says:

    Really like this approach for myself and for teaching my students. I think this will be very helpful when figuring out the best possible fingerings. Also, as you pointed out – I am hoping this will greatly improve sight reading ability. Frets 1- 5 are pretty easy for the kids; but frets 7-12 feel like no-man’s land to many students and they just get overwhelmed. Thanks so much for posting – looking forward to the arrival of my copy!


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