Youri Soroka has just completed his 32nd guitar that will be in our showroom very soon. Amazing to think that his output has more doubled since we received our first guitar from him in 2018 (and only his 15th, a 2018 Youri Soroka SP/CH)

For this guitar, Youri decided to revisit the body plan of the instrument that won him 2nd prize in the Granada Guitar Making Festival in 2019 but for this one he’s decided to make a 4 piece back (instead of 3) and has selected a beautiful set of Indian rosewood with dramatic grain patterning (that almost looks like CSA rosewood). Youri’s attention to detail and excellent French polish work make this look stunning from the photos, and we are sure it will sound as good as it looks, as they always do! We are looking forward greatly to seeing this guitar and will post our photos once it has arrived.

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