Every guitar is different and responds differently to various types of strings. Achieving the desired sound takes a lot of time and experimentation. At GSI we’re very thorough about matching a good set of strings that will work best with a particular instrument. Therefore, we’d like to encourage you to experiment with sets of strings which you haven’t tried before.

GSI offers a broad range of string selection and once in a while we’ll be featuring certain brands to help you with choosing the strings that will work best with your guitar. As the first brand, we’d like to present RC strings, short for Royal Classics. RC offers several sets in their catalogue. We’d like to briefly discuss some of them:

RC Strings “Sonata” (normal tension) & “Sonata Forte” (high tension)

The popular “Sonata” line of RC strings for classical guitar is designed to allow performers to get a rich sound with great dynamic strength and projection. The strength is especially perceivable in the high tension set of “Sonata Forte”.

RC Strings “Professional”

This is a high-quality string set with high tension clear nylon trebles and silver-plated basses. Very rich and responsive. The bridge side of each string has been heated to create a small ball of nylon which helps prevent string slippage.

RC Strings “Futura”

These strings have been designed to satisfy the demands of the new generation of concert guitarists that demand a big, musical string with a modern feel. The medium tension precision formula trebles are the same quality as the RC “Profesional” with a slightly thinner gauge and high tension. They also have thinner basses that have a specially calibrated high tension string core, which is also referred to as “comfort wound” for a softer touch. This set achieves a genuinely homogeneous sound.

RC Strings “JG Dynamic White”

These strings provide a pure and delicate sound, faithful to the beauty of the voice of the guitar. JG Dynamic sets provide extreme tuning stability. This makes them especially advantageous for ensemble settings.

RC Strings “JG Dynamic Carbon” – Silk or Dynamic

For carbon string lovers, RC also offers a special JG set with either dynamic or silk carbon trebles. Certain instruments respond much better to carbon strings, therefore like the responsiveness and feel of carbon strings, JG sets might be perfect for you.

RC Strings “Victor Monge – Serranito” HIGH TENSION

A set named after a great flamenco guitarist, Victor Monge “Serranito”. This set will give you a beautiful Spanish sound. The E and B treble strings are made of nylon, however the G string is made of carbon for more projection.

Finished: RC Strings tote bag give-away

Congratulations to Armin, Bluford and Earl for winning the RC strings tote bags! The winners will be contacted via email by GSI.

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  1. Marco Arriaga says:

    Man! I would live to try them!

  2. Tanner Larkin says:

    I always enjoy trying new strings.

  3. Seth Okrend says:

    This would be great!

  4. Angelo Iovane says:

    Cool! A great chance to try something new!

  5. Kati Thieme says:

    Great! The carbin strings are great for spanish music. However, I would love to find out how the music of Bach sounds with the RC strings “Futura” and “JG Dynamic White”.

  6. William says:

    This is great! Good luck all.

  7. George says:

    I have been using RC Sonatas for the past 10 years. Three times I have tried different strings, but each time went back to RC. It’s good to see the range expand. I’d like to try more of them.

  8. Rui Namora says:

    These are excelent strings.

  9. Jamie Kyllo says:

    I haven’t tried them yet. I would like to find the right strings for me.

  10. Peter Mahoney says:

    Wow! A selection of strings like this would be a complete course in learning how your instrument could sound.

  11. Love good free strings, Im broke & my tone is suffering

  12. Kyaw Myo Htet says:

    I’m now using RC Recital NT on my Pedro de Minguel 1998. So love it, sweet tone.

  13. tony corrado says:

    I am always ready to try new strings

  14. brent stewart says:

    I’ve haven’t tried these strings, yet.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Aline Jiménez says:

    Ya quiero probarlas!!

  16. Abdo says:

    I hope RC Victor Monge – serranito…

  17. Pham Duc Trung says:

    Definitely will try this brand for my guitar !

  18. Jack Jones says:

    Always like to try new strings.

  19. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Thank you GuitarSalon for great content!

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