Wood can tell many stories and it’s amazing to imagine the journey that the materials used for our instruments went through before becoming a guitar. 

Recently, a friend of Ariel’s brought him a very unusual gift from Río de Janeiro. It was a beautiful wooden confessional from a very old church made of CSA rosewood. If this old wood hadn’t been salvaged for some kind of re-purposing, then it would most likely have ended up being burned or thrown away. This is what usually happens when people want to replace old things with something new. One can only imagine the secrets this wood has heard over the decades… and now Ariel has managed to give it a second, more “sonorous” life!

The guitar looks absolutely gorgeous and sounds beautiful! Ariel shared some behind the scenes photos with us taken during the construction process. Now the guitar is finally complete and a beautiful video has been filmed where you can listen to its sound in the hands of Horacio Reyes Páez who recorded three pieces on it: “Prelude #5” by Heitor Villa-Lobos, “Estilo Pampeano” by Abel Fleury, and “Patio” – Horacio Reyes Páez’s own composition.

Luthier: Ariel Ameijenda

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3 Responses to “Coming soon: Ariel Ameijenda’s New “Confession” Guitar uses unique wood for the back and sides!”

  1. Osvaldo Gold says:

    I follow Ameijenda and saw that performance live right from his studio. It is a gorgeous guitar, it sounds great and it’s story makes it even more magical. I hope we get to see who the lucky owner is going to be.

  2. Helmut Weiss says:

    This outstanding guitar is imho coequal to any Hauser, Torres, Friederich and Ramirez. Horacio Reyes Páez plays it with corazón.

  3. Richard Sullivan says:

    Classical and cross-over nylon string guit7ars are becoming more and more popular in jazz. I think this guitar would be perfect to play that old jazz standard entitled I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You).


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