We’ve just received new photos of Bertrand Ligier’s new guitar that is scheduled to arrive at GSI very soon, most likely by the end of today! Bertrand has sent us a few photos of this instrument before it was shipped.

Bertrand always reflects on his construction methods and guitar style. His goal is to maximally increase the acoustic capabilities of his instruments while maintaining a beautiful sound quality. Bertrand told us that for some time he’d been hesitating to change his methods of building instruments from French mounting to the Spanish method since he’s always been very satisfied with how his guitars sound. However, according to Bertrand, this experiment turned out to be a success! The decision to switch to the Spanish method forced Bertrand to change a lot in his building process, including the creation of new molds. 

Ligier’s workshop in Connaux, near the cities of Nîmes, Uzès and Avignon in the south of France

Taking a step back and applying new guitar-building methods also provided a perfect opportunity for Bertrand to re-design the body and proportions of the guitar. A new design is also visible in the headstock with Alessi H1 tuning machines. In general, the shape looks more balanced. The purfling on the back and sides have also undergone some changes, but still in the style of the French school. The wood used for the back and sides was again selected from Dominique Field’s private stock. Sides are also layered with spruce. The soundboard is from Val di Fiemme with low density and a five bars system with an asymmetrical bar under the rosette. The bridge tie block is inspired by Simplicio guitars.

The hard work has paid off. Bertrand is very happy with how his new guitar turned out after he changed his methods. This new GSI guitar has a more balanced sound with strong, yet lyrical basses. The first string is exceptionally good! Overall, the sound is very classy and even more beautiful. 

Soon we’ll list this instrument in our new arrivals section and take some new photos once it arrives at GSI.

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