Conde and Esteso

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Felipe Conde and his son, also Felipe, were in town for a few days for the NAMM show and they stopped by to hang out with us at the shop in Santa Monica. I took this photo with my phone because it was two generations of Conde checking out a 1929 Esteso, Domingo Esteso being Felipe Sr.’s great uncle (and therefore Felipe Jr.’s great-great uncle). And even though I’m perfectly aware of the relationship it just suddenly struck me how cool it was to have all that history in the room at one time.

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2 Responses to “Conde and Esteso”

  1. Palmer Hoovestal says:

    It would be ionteresting to hear their comments about the Esteso, since they are a part of that legacy. What did they have to say?

  2. Kai says:

    Hey Palmer – that Esteso needs some repair work, which Felipe will do, so we won’t know for a while how it sounds. But I’ll try to get it recorded when we get it back.


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