We have photos of the next GSI guitar from German luthier, Dominik Wurth. This new instrument features some new design improvements that are going to provide more power and better projection.

Dominik Wurth in his workshop

Dominik is our good friend and we’ve already featured several guitars made by him in our store. He grew up in a small rural village near Freiburg where he spent his childhood living at the foot of the Black Forest. Surrounded by meadows and forests he quickly developed a connection to nature and a simple life separated from the hubbub and bustle of the city. Dominik values traditional design; his first guitars were based on a Torres plan with seven fan struts in a domed top and a tunneled lower cross bar (below the soundhole) where the two outer struts run through. Other early influences include Daniel Friederich and Antonio Marin Montero.

Recently, Dominik has been employing a few new ideas in search of a more modern sound for his classical guitars to distinguish them from the ‘Old World’ sound. His guitars became more personal as a result of studying the instruments of other great makers from the past. Dominik even came to GSI shortly after we acquired the Cleveland collection so that he could assess and evaluate a large number of fine instruments all at once.

This new instrument will have a Spruce soundboard and back and sides made of Indian Rosewood, as well as laminated ribs for more power and projection. Currently, Dominik is finishing up the varnish. All of Dominik’s instruments are very easy to play on, have immediate attack and a lively full sound. We’re looking forward to playing this new guitar in our showroom.

Luthier: Dominik Wurth

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