EliteGuitarist and GSI are partnering together for Round 2 of guitar lessons. This is our version of a stimulus package in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Make the most of your time at home and learn some new classical repertoire or branch out into flamenco or jazz. Sign up today for a 30-day free, unlimited access to any of the various EliteGuitarist instructional tracks

Check out the classical guitar extensive tutorial library. Want to develop your technique or learn a specific piece? Now you can! Knowledge of music theory and/or classical guitar technique is not required.

Check out these flamenco guitar lessons taught by today’s greatest flamenco artists. From flamenco guitar technique to rhythmic patterns. It’s all taught here! EliteGuitarist offers the most authentic and comprehensive flamenco courses today!

Get your feet wet in jazz or go for a deep plunge! EliteGuitarist has one of the most complete jazz courses online today! Check out the full library of resources.

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One Response to “EliteGuitarist Lessons Stimulus Package – Round 2 (30 days of FREE lessons)”

  1. paco says:

    Good day! Excuse me… could you please tell me, why the program it.s called Round 2?
    i.ll e gratefull, mercy.


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