For those of you who remember, last week we published a translation of a French article from La Montagne about the French-Ukrainian luthier, Youri Soroka. A “Torres” model that Youri built for the article is now on its way to GSI!

Established in 1919, La Montagne is a very popular newspaper in France which since 2008 has been published in tabloid format. Our good friend and a GSI luthier, Youri Soroka was recently featured there and thanks to the courtesy of the magazine and the author, Alice Chevrier we managed to translate it and publish the English version on our blog (Read: From a Computer Software Developer to a Luthier: Youri Soroka from Orléat (Puy-de-Dôme) builds classical guitars for the thrill of playing them!).

Youri’s new “Torres” model has a Spruce top, CSA Rosewood back and Indian Rosewood sides. We’re looking forward to playing this instrument in our showroom.

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