Here are some photos of Marc Teicholz at the shop in Santa Monica. On Sunday Marc will be playing some of the rarest guitars ever collected in one performance (details here). Here is the list of guitars that he will be playing:

1. 1867 Torres SP/MP

2. 1921 Santos SP/MP

3. 1930 Esteso SP/CSAR

4. 1936 Fleta SP/MP

5. 1952 Hauser SP/CSAR

6. 1969 Rodriguez “Churchdoor” CD/CSAR

7. 1971 Daniel Friederich SP/IN

8. 2007 Blochinger SP/MP

As you can imagine, it takes a minute to get used to so many different guitars, so Marc is getting acquainted (or reacquainted, as he played many of them on his CD Valseana) with them all as I write.

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4 Responses to “Marc Teicholz – Preparing for Sunday’s Concert”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    This is as close to heaven as it gets for guitarists folks. What pearls ,exquisite guitars .Such beautiful examples of master guitars ,just gorgeous ,I have run out of superlatives. That 1936 Fleta and the Hauser with golden spruce covered in bearclaw. Guitars just do not come better than that folks.And ,IMHO ,the modern obsession with raw volume misses the point ,all these lattice tops and lettice tops etc are not for me.

  2. Tony D'Arco says:

    Looking forward to a video snippet of each guitar – hint, hint……Thanks

  3. Luis Garzon says:

    Love that bear claw Hauser. That church door Rodriguez is amazing. Sounds like Heaven.


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