Many well-known string players play instruments they don’t own. It’s not uncommon for collectors to lend 6- and 7-figure violins or cellos to virtuosos so they can be played and heard. In the guitar world this is not common. So when guitarist Eva Beneke did a video for us on a 1952 Hauser I (probably the last he ever built – check it out here), fell in love with the guitar, and asked if she could record on it, the answer was ‘probably not’. But then we thought there would be nothing to lose in asking the owner if he would make the guitar available for a recording.

And he agreed to do it. And from there everything just fell into place. A local customer who had just bought a guitar volunteered a gorgeous space to record in – a room built for a custom-made organ. Then the folks at Apogee electronics offered to lend us a Symphony I/O interface with their new preamps for location tracking. What more could we ask for?

Eva is finishing the doctoral exams at the moment, but we managed to spend a day in the room with the guitar and Apogee’s gear for testing, and as soon as Eva finishes her exams we will begin recording.

This is going to be fun. We’ll keep you posted.

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7 Responses to “Eva Beneke and 1952 Hauser I”

  1. larry brandes says:

    Be sure to notify me when her album is for sale, she is not the only one that fell in love with that Hauser.

  2. Garrett says:

    Interesting mic. what is it?

    • Kai says:

      Hey Garrett,

      That’s an amazing old AKG 414 with the original CK12 capsule. I’ve had it on loan from a friend for over a year now, and sadly I’m going to have to give it back soon.

  3. LAWRENCE says:


  4. Roger says:

    What is the piece Eva Beneke played in that short video on the Hermann Hauser I link that has the details on the guitar she played on?


  5. LAWRENCE says:

    GSI should have a competition or prize draw from time to time ,the prize being an old Hauser or Fleta .And yes ,I am serious.


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