Our dear friend, Andrew York, has shared with us his newest music videos of “h” and “e” from his famous suite “The Equations of Beauty”. On this occasion we’ve decided to publish a new GSI compilation of Andrew’s most popular videos that have been recorded at GSI.

“The Equations of Beauty” is a suite in six movements which are named after a mathematical constant. In early 2016, Andrew visited our showroom and recorded music on some of the rarest and most valuable classical guitars from the Cleveland Collection. During this visit he recorded all movements of “The Equations of Beauty” suite on Julian Bream’s 1957 Hauser II (Read more). Perhaps it’s best to hear about the suite in Andrew’s own words:

“The Equations of Beauty’ is a six-movement suite, and each movement is named for a mathematical constant or variable. The names are h, e, π, i, ∞ and c. These symbols stand for the smallest, the fastest, the infinite, the beautiful and mystical transcendental, irrational and imaginary numbers; all the utmost extremes that inhabit the realm of mathematics. I chose the names to match the spirit of each movement. ‘Equations’ is entirely played with a capo on the fifth fret, and the tuning is D A D F# B D.”

Recently Andrew has released videos of two movements from “The Equations of Beaty” suite – “h” and “e”. Both videos contain artistic animations that correspond with the meaning of the music, making listening a more profound experience.

We’re big fans of Andrew York and his music. His GSI videos are extremely popular on our YouTube channel and he has also recorded on some of the most valuable guitars in the history of our store. On the occasion of the publication of Andrew’s newest videos, we’ve also decided to create a new GSI compilation video to highlight some of Andrew’s most memorable performances. Have you ever wondered, what a Grammy Award Winner sound like on guitars of a combined value of $1,000,000? Check it out below!

Guitars used in the compilation: 1888 Antonio de Torres “La Italica”, 1888 Antonio de Torres (Ex Matilde Cuervas, Emilio Pujol), 1864 Antonio de Torres.

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One Response to “Andrew York Releases a New Music Video! Revisit the Famous Equations of Beauty in Our Special Compilation Video.”

  1. gordon meurin says:

    Wonderful technique , wonderful emotion in his playing. it’s what I’ve always wanted my guitars to do- sing! Not just a collection of notes played fast, but singing, singing, singing . Wonderful videos, outstanding composer and musician in all ways.

    Re the guitars of that age, I would have expected tuning pegs whereas they appear to be geared tuning machines. Have the guitars been altered that way? He makes them sound great but then he could probably pluck similar sounds from a $200 pawnshop guitar.


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