When we had all eight guitars in the showroom for our Marc Teicholz concert we had Felix Salazar, who is responsible for all of our photography, take a little extra time with the guitars to get not only what we think of as ‘product shots’, but also those great shots he does for the big panels on the home page of our site. Felix did an amazing job, so we wanted to show off the guitars a little. Below are some of the ‘panel’ shots, and you can click on the guitars’ names to go the page and see them from all angles. In the order in which Marc played them they are: a 1921 Santos Hernandez, a 1930 Domingo Esteso, a 1952 Hermann Hauser I, a 1971 Daniel Friederich, a 2007 Edmund Blochinger, a 1936 Ignacio Fleta, a 1969 Miguel Rodriguez ‘Churchdoor’, and an 1867 Torres. I should note that while all of these guitars were sold at one point by GSI, none of them is currently for sale

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