Bret Williams is a classical guitarist, composer, educator and broadcaster. Many of you might know him as the host of his vastly successful Classical Guitar Insider podcast – a show with over 130 episodes that features interviews with some of the best classical guitar players.

Bret Williams

Bret has recently told us about his new album, Seven Original Pieces for Solo Guitar. This recording also marks a point in Bret’s long journey that started with a diagnosis of focal dystonia in his right hand in 2011. Since then he started his popular podcast, (Classical Guitar Insider), released an album of compositions for quartet, became a music teacher, and underwent a surgery to repair a torn tendon in his left hand pinky finger.

Seven Original Pieces for Solo Guitar are Bret’s original compositions that merge the sounds of classical, jazz, Latin American music and modern harmonies. The album opens with a track “I Guess I’ll Make Myself Happy” a very optimistic, improvisation-like composition that is a great prelude to put listeners in the right mindset. His second composition on the list, “No One Needs Love When They Are on a Plant-Based Diet”, is a dance-like composition with elements of Latin American music. The next piece, “A Person of Questionable Temperament” shows some jazz influences with occasional dissonant chords, similar to Dyens’s compositions. The next track, “That Book About the Fig Tree” has a contrasting character. It is a slow, arpeggiated piece full of sweet harmonies that give the piece the overall romantic character. This aura of calmness doesn’t last long as Bret’s next composition, “Aww Wait!”, bring to the table very cool blues/rock harmonies reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. Especially noteworthy is the next composition “Give Us a Minute”, which is a very lyrical and nostalgic piece that ends with a beautiful tremolo section. The album concludes with modern sounding “Where Should We Live?” that mixes intricate guitar lines with powerful chords.

Bret’s new album, as well as all episodes of the Classical Guitar Insider podcast are available for free. You can access them by clicking the images below.

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