We’ve received new sneak peek photos from our friend, Stephen Hill, who is currently working together with his apprentices on a new 2A model which will arrive soon at GSI!

Stephen Hill’s workshop in Granada, Spain

The 2a models are true concert guitars. They are built to the exact specification of Hill’s 1a model, using Hill’s premium materials, however, the bulk of the work is carried out by Hill’s apprentices with Hill himself overseeing the entire process and personally handling the most important adjustments and details. The 2A models are very similar in every way to Hill’s 1A models but are much more affordable. These instruments are a great example of the ‘Granada’ style – lightly built, with big and punchy attack and a very lively sound. The trebles in 2A models are lyrical and the basses are juicy. Overall, the 2A models are very durable – great for players who look for a versatile concert and recording guitar.

For this particular guitar, Stephen Hill used cedar for the soundboard and a set of an aged Spanish Eucalyptus wood for back and sides, which is quite rare in guitar making! Therefore, we’re very excited to see and try this new guitar in our showroom.

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3 Responses to “A New Stephen Hill 2A Guitar is Coming Soon to GSI – This Time with Eucalyptus Back and Sides!”

  1. Boy French says:

    What species of eucalyptus is used? (Tbere are literLly hundrdds !)

  2. Bob French says:

    Apologies for the typos – lease ignore the previous message.
    There are hundreds of species of Eucalyptus – which. species is used??

    • Tomasz Fechner says:

      Dear Bob,

      Thank you for reaching out! We know from Stephen Hill that he used a set of Spanish Eucalyptus for this guitar.

      Best regards,

      Tomasz Fechner


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