Alberto Martínez, editor in chief for Orfeo Magazine, has shared with us the new issue #16 of his magazine. This time, rather than focusing on luthiers from a particular country, Alberto invites us to join him on a journey through time.

Orfeo Magazine No. 16 describes the history of the guitar as told by Emilio Pujol in a great interview from 1960’s conducted by Narcis Bonet. The following sections include the development of the family of plucked string instruments around the globe – Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe! Orfeo Magazine No. 16 features many of the guitar’s relatives, whether or not they are close kins or distant cousins.

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One Response to “Orfeo No. 16: The genesis of the guitar & the development of chordophones around the world”

  1. Lars Rosager says:

    Thanks so much. This is just the right kind of content to remind us of chordophonic interconnectedness and the importance of cross-cultural fertilization, continued collaboration. Thanks again.


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