We met Ricardo Giuffrida at the Marc Teicholz concert a few weeks back, and I remember him telling me that some of the great Brazilian guitarist/composers had serious day jobs. In particular he mentioned that Guinga had been a dentist (I had no idea). Then it turns out that Ricardo is also a doctor who plays (Ricardo is from Brazil, so maybe it’s a Brazilian thing) and he doesn’t just play a little. So when he came back to the showroom last week we had to shoot some videos of him playing some great Brazilian classics and one of his own compositions, which is pretty impressive. So here’s Ricardo, doing what he does when he’s not doctoring.

Here he’s playing Guinga’s ‘Baiao de Lacan’ on a 1997 Alfredo Velazquez.

Here he is playing Garoto’s ‘Jorge do Fusa’ on a 1964 ‘Jose’ David Rubio.

Here he’s playing Jobim’s ‘Triste’ on a 1993 Miguel Rodriguez ‘Centenario’.

Here he’s playing ‘Chama’ by Helio Del Miro on a 1995 Kevin Aram.

And finally here he is playing his own piece, “Boi de Piranha” on a Teodoro Perez ‘Concierto’.

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6 Responses to “Video – Ricardo Giuffrida”

  1. Larry says:

    Thank you Ricardo and all at GSI. These videos are very enjoyable to listen to and give an excellent guide to these fine guitars .IMHO, the Teodoro Perez suits Ricardo the best and wins hands down .In second place ,the Rodriguez also sounds very good.

  2. Edward Roberts says:

    Hey Ricardo some lovely playing. I would give up “the day job”and go out on the road.Great work as always GSI, you are the best.Eddie

  3. Larry says:

    For some strange ,and unfathomable ,reason ,my earlier remark about giving up the day job may have caused offence and is ” awating moderation .” Ricardo is a Doctor , being a doctor is a noble and well-paid profession .Better to play the guitar for the love of it than to be miserable trying to scrape a living playing it. But do not take my word for it , simply ask Marcelo Kayath ,Nicola Hall and many others.

  4. Edward Roberts says:

    Ricardo, sorry about the day job comment. As a Doctor it is a wonderful profession and you playing is also fantastic.Over here in Australia the give up the “day job line”, in a strange way of saying how good you are with your music.

  5. Kai says:

    Edward – I don’t think anyone’s ever taken offense at being told to quit their day job! Larry is right that I removed his comment, which was the opposite – ‘don’t quit your day job’, and which I’m sure usually means the same thing here as in Australia, though I know Larry meant well, as he’s explained above. But I’m protective of our friends who do videos for us (they certainly don’t have to, and we really appreciate it), so while I’m aware that it smacks of censorship (OK – it is censorship) I chose to take it down, and I much prefer Larry’s new comment anyway.


  6. Shao says:

    I know giufrida a long time. It is a simple person but with a huge heart, are few people who are well and they have a very strong light


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