Graciliano Perez just sent me this video of Vicente Amigo trying out his new guitar – a cedar and rosewood flamenco. Vicente has a few of Graciliano’s guitars at this point, and I’ve been bugging Graciliano to get me some video, and here it is. We should be getting our first blanca from Graciliano this week or next, and I’ll be sure to do a video on that.

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4 Responses to “Vicente Amigo’s New Graciliano Perez”

  1. Ron Reilly says:

    Very impressive.Kai,when can we expect to see more of the two Romero’s videos?

  2. Tom says:

    Vicente Amigo comments on the powerful overtones of the guitar and thanks Graciliano for the gift of his guitar to fulfill his dream. It seems to suit his style well, with maybe a slightly harder pulsación than his famous Manuel Reyes blanca, if I guess correctly.

  3. Blackie says:

    Fascinante.Tengo la suerte de tener dos guitarras de Graciliano Perez,las cuales me ayudan e inspiran en mi labor de composición.Son instrumentos absolutamente recomendables.Felicidades Graciliano.Gracias Vicente.

  4. antom says:

    Una maravilla vicente amigo, conozco las guitarras se nota están hechas totalmente a mano ese matiz es quizás uno de los encantos de estas guitarras, aparte del sonido de las guitarras con alma de los instrumentos del pasado.


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