Here are two more guitars from our Pepe Romero Jr. 200th Guitar celebration. Both guitars are from 2004, and #50 has a three-piece cedar top, while #60 is a maple/cedar that was one of the first guitars to have a bigger body and has been used extensively by Pepe Sr. to record and perform. Pepe plays an excerpt from Gaspar Sanz’ ‘Suite Española’ on #50 and an excerpt from Albeniz’ ‘Rumores De La Caleta’ on #60.

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3 Responses to “Pepe Romero Jr. Guitars #50 and #60”

  1. Casimiro says:

    The #60 is awesome! I liked very much this configuration, Ceder top and Maple back & sides. It works.

  2. Joe Franklin says:

    The continuing saga of the Romero guitars is appreciated by me because I have made many guitars in a somewhat R&D endeavor and the comments like “Deeper Sides” and such help me to understand what is happening. I also can read body language by Pepe, Sr. I can tell when he stops short at about the 12th fret.

  3. Rodolfo Lorenzana says:

    I own Guitar No. 17 Named Victoria by Pepe Romero in honor of Victoria Canhi, Joaquin Rodrigos´wife.
    It is not in truly original condition. However she was repair and refinished by Luthier Juan Carlos Soto, and the guitar is as beautiful as before and the sound is wonderful.


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