Tom Farrell is an L.A. based guitarist who in addition to being a classical guitarist is one half of Duo Del Sol with violinist Javier Orman and one eighth of the Los Angeles Electric 8 (as is our own JohnPaul Trotter). Tom has also been practicing Yoga for ten years now, and we’ve been talking about doing some Yoga videos for a while, since so many guitarists neglect stretching and basic maintenance of the body and experience pain as a result. The first video is of Tom playing and the second was of him explaining some basic breathing and stretching techniques that might work for guitarists (or anyone, really) without taking up too much time (but we’ll try to find it and have it back up soon). He’s been playing on the floor lately, instead of using a chair, which is probably great for your back if you can get your legs to do that…

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4 Responses to “Tom Farrell – Guitar and Yoga”

  1. Lance says:

    I also have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I started due to back problems and hand injuries from playing, and i can say “It works!” There a many ways to start, but the best way is with a teacher to make sure that the body is properly aligned and so adjustments can be made with the poses to fit the individual….A few good books are The Stretch Book, Yoga as Medicine, and anything on Pranayama (breathing exercises)…Besides the benefits that yoga has on the body, it also has great affects on the mind. It increases focus and relaxation….truly it is one of the best ways to achieve a solid connection with your music.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    Just because one has ” correct ” or even ” politically correct ” posture does not mean to say that one can play the guitar , or the piano , or any other instrument well .I am totally convinced that good posture has little to do with good playing. I have seen marvellous players with not so good posture and lousy players with great posture etc.Bream ,for example ,played and recorded for most of his life with appaling posture and hand position ,especially his left hand which he himself readily admits . Posture is just a modern trend .

    • Joan says:

      There are numerous risks involved with having bad posture, and that’s not just a modern school of thought. If Bream was able to play with self-affirmed spinal distortion and appalLing hand position, good for him. The video is about creating healthy habits and practicing techniques.

  3. Casimiro says:

    In Japan many grandfathers play the guitar like this on Tatami.


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