For those of us who love flamenco and have devoted a good part of our lives to it, it’s hard to explain what we mean when we say that it’s a way of life. Of course, most of us aren’t filmmakers. But Tao Ruspoli is, and he’s done an amazing job in his flamenco films of capturing moments that express perfectly what flamenco is outside of the tablao or the concert stage. Shown here is part 1 of his 2005 film “Flamenco: A Personal Journey”. I find these movies not only fun, but inspiring and a great reminder of what flamenco is all about.

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3 Responses to ““Flamenco: A Personal Journey” (part 1 of 10)”

  1. Lizscraps says:

    Palmer — me dio hasta anoranza escuchar esto 🙂
    cuanto me gusta el flamenco cantao y bailao!

  2. Abe Galan says:

    This is a great journey into Flamenco. Thank you.


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