Packing Your Guitar for Shipping

1. Detune the strings on your instrument. Place any special instructions you may have and a piece of paper with your name, address and phone number between the strings so that it is plainly visible.

2. Place the guitar in an adequate hard-shell case. Insure that there is not too much movement of the guitar within the case by adding balled-up newspaper or bubble wrap around the heel or at the tail block. It is also advisable to support the headstock with newspaper or bubble wrap.

3. Remove all items in the case that could come out during transit and place them in a sealed envelope inside the case compartment. Keys are notorious for damaging instruments while being shipped.

4. Place the guitar in a guitar shipping box. These boxes can be obtained at almost any guitar shop.

5. Place some bubble wrap or balled-up newspaper at the bottom of the box to keep the case from direct contact with the box. Two to three inches is ideal. Add newspaper to either side of the case in order to keep the case from moving around inside the box during shipping. Before sealing the box, add newspaper or wrap to keep the top of the case from touching the top of the box. The goal here is to have the guitar case “floating” inside the box, and to keep it firmly in place without unnecessary movement.

6. Send to GSI via Parcel Post, UPS or Federal Express. The two most commonly used services to us are UPS Second Day Air and Federal Express Standard Next Day. They are both very reliable and not expensive — around $50 or less from anywhere in the U.S. UPS Ground Tracking is the most economical, but it can take up to seven days to get to us, depending on where you are. Overnight services are offered by Federal Express and UPS. If you want the best service and are willing to pay a little bit extra, we suggest Fed Ex. Feel free to check around and compare prices. For international customers, Parcel Post can be significantly less expensive, but it also relies on the efficiency of two mail services: U.S. Mail and the mail system of your county. If you do choose to use Parcel Post, we suggest that you have excellent insurance.

All guitars should be sent with insurance offered by the carriers since GSI takes no responsibility for damage incurred in transit to us. These packing instructions are no guarantee of safety, though we believe they will minimize damage which can occur.

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