Here’s another video lesson from Scott Morris, author of Classical Guitar Complete – From Basics to Bach. This lesson deals with left hand shifting, and Scott uses the Schottish-Choro from the ‘Suite Popular Brasileira’ by Villa-Lobos as his example of how to deal with some tricky shifting. Scott’s playing a new guitar from Henner Hagenlocher.

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6 Responses to “Scott Morris – Left Hand Shifting”

  1. Michel Sherman says:

    Scott demonstrates a Hinge Bar at 11:55 – 12:15. I prefer an alternative of playing the F# on the 1st string with my 2nd finger, which positions my first finger very well for the upcoming bar on the 4th fret. Musically, the effect is the same.

    Good lesson, Scott!

  2. Al L. says:

    Hi Scott,

    Nice video, especially the little hinge barre tip, that’s going to come in handy.
    Any news on book 2 coming out – and what’re the chances of getting GSI to post it to Canada so as the carriage isn’t more $$ than the book.



    • Scott Morris says:

      Thanks Al! It was fun to pick up the Schottish after not playing it for a decade or so. A student brought it to a lesson the day before and I got inspired to play it again.

      The new book is finished and in the editing stage. I am guessing it will be available in about a month. I’ll keep you all posted!

  3. John says:

    Fascinating, Scott! I’ve done the hinge barre on other pieces but never thought about doing it on this one. I’ve used my 4th finger on the f# on the second string and barre the fourth fret at the same time. It’s pretty seamless.
    I have some other alternative fingerings here: using not a 1/2 barre at the 4th fret, at the beginning, but an open b and first finger at the g#. It’s still tricky to seamlessly transition to the E maj 7th chord but I found it easier to precede that chord with the 2nd finger on the g#. It just seems to work better for some reason.

  4. Darrell Styner says:

    Nice, thank you!

  5. Andrew Adalbert says:

    Dear Scott Morris, I totally astonished to see your left hand shifting video Guitar lesson. Really honestly I say your guitar playing is experienced and gorgeous though I want to be your pupil. Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial 🙂



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