We have a new guitar coming very soon from American-born Paris luthier Thomas Norwood. Although originally from Pasadena, CA, Norwood has been living and making guitars in Paris for over 35 years. He makes three models, after the three guitars that have inspired him: a 1935 Santos, a 1932 Domingo Esteso and a 1910 Manuel Ramirez – the one on its way is the Manuel Ramirez model, and Norwood makes replicas that look and sound as close to the originals (when first built) as possible. Continue reading to see the photos.

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3 Responses to “Coming Soon – Thomas Norwood”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    Beautiful and timeless elegance but why is Mr Norwood not better known ? after all he has been making guitars for over thiry-five years . Something does not add up.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    Although I have never played one in the flesh ,Norwoods’ guitars are extrememly beautiful and well made. The old classics reached a peak which is the epitomy of tonal beauty and elegance IMHO.

  3. LAWRENCE says:

    Epitome .The rosette on the 1910 Ramirez is in itself a work of art.


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