Here’s guitar #130 from our celebration of luthier Pepe Romero Jr.‘s 200th guitar at the Guitar Salon International showroom. Pepe Jr. made #130 after completing construction on four unfinished Miguel Rodriguez guitars and this was his first ‘Rodriguez’ model, with aesthetics modeled after Rodriguez’ guitars, and it has a cedar top and rosewood back and sides. Pepe Sr. plays some of Tarrega’s Capricho Arabe on it.

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2 Responses to “Pepe Romero Jr. – Guitar #130”

  1. With all due respect to Pepe Jr. I feel that his method of stiffening the fan braces with extra wood are not necessary, as the original master plan of this design was calculated to be more breathy and brilliant with the old style.

    It’s almost like you can’t improve on the original but to fine tune it in such a way to allow it to speak its inner-dimensional quality more clearly.

    I’ve worked with this 5 brace pattern for 37 years and have come to the conclusion that Miguel Rodriguez was a genius and we owe a certain respect to this genius by following its intended voice to the world.

    Certainly, Pepe has every right to make his own guitar or do whatever he likes for his modifications but in the manner of the old masters, we follow their approach, for the respect due their name.

    In other words, I have tried many modifications of the design, only to fall back and keep its original formula, as the best I’ve found…

  2. And I might add that I’m a strict traditionalist when it comes to copying the style of an old master. However this should not reflect on anyone else who feels the need to experiment.


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