Tariq Harb is a young Jordanian guitarist living in Canada who last year won first prize in the first two competitions he ever entered: The Barrios WorldWideWeb competition and the Montreal International Classical Guitar competition. And he’s been playing classical guitar for less than 7 years! Tariq was in Los Angeles for a few days this week, so we took the opportunity to record a few videos as well as an interview, all of which follow here. Continue reading to watch the interview, as well as Tariq playing Barrios’ ‘Confesión’ on an Otto Vowinkel guitar (he has one himself) and the Allemande from Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 on a 2002 Edmund Blochinger spruce-top. We’ll be posting more videos of Tariq this week, so stay tuned.

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8 Responses to “Tariq Harb visits GSI”

  1. Tom says:

    I enjoyed Tariq’s playing immensely. Great musicality and an unusually good arrangement of the Allemande. I think he may have just sold both those guitars for you!

  2. Rico Stover says:

    Tariq’s interpretation of “Confesión” is sweet, romantic and in the style of Barrios-a marvelous performance, with lots of rubato, tenuto and emotion–qualities that are needed to make Barrios’ emotional message come alive.

    I can see why he won the Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition. Le deseo mucha suerte en el futuro.

    Rico Stover

  3. Pavlos Gypas says:

    Dear David

    I wish to hear the next guitar that i will send you,(about November)
    from Tarim Harb’s hands.

  4. Joe Franklin says:

    Music lives through its interpretation and I am forever running out of words for it all.


  5. alvar says:

    pure music….wonderful !!

  6. Joao Ernani F Filho says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. Stover for your transcriptions of Barrios’ works as well for the biography of him. Tariq Harb is a great musician.

  7. Tariq Harb says:

    Thank you for your kind comments! I had a fantastic time at GSI; playing those guitars and meeting everyone at GSI was quite a treat! I look forward to passing by there again in the near future.
    Also, as Joao mentioned, thank you Mr. Stover for the wonderful editions of Barrios’ music. I always refer to the complete works in two volumes when studying Barrios, and in fact, these two volumes were the ‘suggested edition’ in the Barrios WWW Competition. They’ll always be my main reference point when researching Barrios.
    Best regards,


  8. Peter says:

    And he’s only been playing 6 years……..son of a bitch, some people are just blessed.


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