We’ve got a new guitar coming in any day now from Granada maker Rafael Moreno Rodriguez and our friends Pepe Romero and Vicente Coves happened to be in the shop as he was binding the guitar and later when the guitar was ready to be french polished, so they took some photos for us.

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3 Responses to “Coming Soon – Rafael Moreno Rodriguez”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    Moreno is a cool looking dude and a very experienced and talented guitar maker,I especially like the photo of his shop with the stylized metal name written outside ,and he has a great beard too.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    Moreno R

  3. peter says:

    These are some very cool pics…thanks for posting. I have played a Moreno for a few years now, one that Pepe used to own. I absolutely love it…what GSI says about the trebles is quite true….the guitar in the high registers is perfection….and has wonderful overtones and sustain throughout. Curious if this new guitar (with the reverse fan bracing) has the same unique brace/baffling bridge built into it as mine does. It is an unusual bit of engineering as an apparatus was created by the builder to both stiffen the top board under the bridge and give the guitar a more “piano-like” balance. Difficult to describe, but this carved bracing runs perpendicular to the back and sides and touches the back of the soundboard and then stretches out to the sides, suspended within the guitar and attached at the sides. As there are only 6 struts, the loose top is certainly stiffened here …all I know is…it works.


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